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Lithium-Ion Battery Symposium Resource Library

May 1, 2023

On March 30, 2023, UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) and the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department (DCFEMS) co-hosted the Lithium-Ion Battery Symposium: Challenges for the Fire Service. During the program, experts in fire safety research and fire safety operations shared leading edge knowledge about lithium-ion battery technology, the associated hazards, and how to mitigate the risks associated with battery fire incidents.

FSRI developed the resource library below featuring all presentation videos and other important lithium-ion battery safety resources shared during the symposium.


Watch the presentations from the Lithium-Ion Battery Symposium

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Steve Kerber, Ph.D. (Vice President and Executive Director, FSRI) introduces FSRI's mission, the existing hazards in today's fire environment, and the challenges lithium-ion batteries pose for the fire service.

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Captain Hunter Clare (Peoria Fire-Medical Department) details the events leading up to the lithium-ion battery energy storage system explosion that injured him and three other firefighters in 2019.

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Thomas Barth, Ph.D. (Chief, Special Investigations Branch, National Transportation Safety Board) outlines the safety risks faced by emergency responders from lithium-ion battery fires in electric vehicles. He also details investigation findings and recommendations for the fire service.

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Adam Barowy (Research Engineer, FSRI) shares knowledge on lithium-ion battery construction, the reasons they fail, and the process of thermal runaway. He also outlines the fire and explosion hazards as a result of thermal runaway propagation in lithium-ion batteries.

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Lieutenant John Cassidy (Hazardous Materials Company 1, FDNY) defines the impact of lithium-ion battery powered e-mobility device failure on the fireground. He also shares fire suppression and post fire extinguishment considerations for the fire service.

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Captain Evan Balcombe (FDNY) shares the evolving challenges of electric vehicle fires and suppression tactical considerations for the fire service.

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Sean DeCrane (Director, Health & Safety Operational Services, International Association of Fire Fighters) discusses project objectives, results and preliminary findings for ESS studies conducted by IAFF, the Department of Energy, and UL.

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Steve Kerber, Ph.D., Moderator
Judy Jeevarajan, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Electrochemical Safety Research Institute
Chief Otto Drozd, Executive Secretary, Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association
Chief Michael O'Brian, Board Member, International Association of Fire Chiefs
Captain Hunter Clare, Peoria Fire-Medical Department
Sean DeCrane, Director, Health & Safety Operational Services, IAFF

Access Additional Lithium-Ion Batteries Resources

Research: Fire Safety Hazards of Lithium-Ion Battery Powered e-Mobility Devices

FSRI research study of e-mobility device fire safety, in partnership with the Fire Department of the City of New York.

Research: The Impact of Batteries on Fire Dynamics

FSRI research into understanding fire and explosion hazards associated with lithium-ion batteries in residential compartments.

Research: Fire Safety of Batteries and Electric Vehicles

FSRI research into the understanding of hazards generated by electric vehicle (EV) battery fires to enable the development of firefighting tactics for effective EV fire control.

Online Training

Learn how to identify the risks associated with lithium-ion battery products in your personal and professional life.


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Download the guide: The Science of Fire and Explosion Hazards from Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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Access additional resources from the Lithium-Ion Batteries: Challenges for the Fire Service symposium hosted in partnership with FDNY, FSRI, and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) in September 2022.



“This is something we all face in the Fire Service and thanks to organizations such as FSRI and DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, NFPA, FDNY and NVFC for getting this information to us in the Fire Service.”


“Great presenters and good questions were asked. As part of the 1st responder community I am spreading the resources shared. Thanks to all the participants.”


"Fantastic program! Learned so much and think the videos should be seen by people in all industries especially those involved with building codes. The imperative need for everyone to keep up with technology to keep everyone safe. As an architect, I have always put great value into working with various fire marshals and getting their perspective on building design. We have to work together to keep occupants and first responders safe."

Post-Event Survey

"...the online experience was one of the best I have had, the topic is very timely and important, the content was very informative and the effort put forth by the participants is very much appreciated. Looking to test for, develop the science and come up with mitigation strategies before a problem produces a lot of injuries or property damage takes an increased level of courage and commitment that I applaud the group for taking on the challenge. For my own experience, I attended just as a learning opportunity and for that the content was very well received. In my role as a designer and program director I am in a much better position to develop preventative solutions than before the session."


"This was worth my trip from PA. This was put together well. Lunch was great! The presentations and the panel discussion were very informative. Thank you!"