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Engineering Intern Promoted to Research Scientist

The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes, welcomed Kaylee Morton, Engineering Intern, to the team in May of 2023. Now, FSRI is excited to welcome Kaylee once again as a Research Scientist.

As an engineering intern, Kaylee was quick to share her expertise and adapted to the team effortlessly. With a background in chemistry and forensic science, she primarily supported Mahsa Lotfi Marchoubeh, Post-Doctoral Researcher, on a smoke sampling project. The goal of this project was to collect smoke from the combustion of different woods and analyze the smoke for toxic compounds. Her responsibilities included experimenting, maintaining instruments and equipment, inventory and purchasing, and literature research.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an engineering intern. Everyone at FSRI has been welcoming and helpful. Mark and Mahsa provided structure and encouraged creativity and collaboration throughout the project,” said Kaylee.

Mahsa and Kaylee in office

“In the few months since her arrival, Kaylee has demonstrated exceptional skills and an innate ability to adapt, learn, and excel in a challenging environment. From her first day, she embraced the projects with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Her rapid improvement, willingness to take responsibility, and ability to work independently have earned her the trust of her colleagues and marked her as a scientist of remarkable potential.”

- Mahsa Lotfi Marchoubeh 

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Now, as a research scientist, Kaylee will continue her work on the Smoke Sampling project. Additionally, as a young professional, she will continue strengthening her skills to become an independent researcher and manage projects. 

Kaylee earned her bachelor of science in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in 2021 and her master’s degree in forensic science from Marshall University. 

FSRI is proud to provide support for students throughout their internships and careers. The Internship Program offers a wide range of opportunities for motivated students to contribute to the FSRI mission of addressing unsolved safety risks in the world. Throughout the years, many of our interns have gone on to graduate and begin their careers at FSRI.