Fairfax Country Fire & Rescue
Watch: Rescue of Occupant Behind Closed Door in Fairfax County, VA

Watch the video and hear from Fairfax County Fire & Rescue firefighters as they share their experience of rescuing a young girl behind a closed door during a residential fire. Special thanks to the firefighters from Station 11 B-shift (below) and the support of Chief John S. Butler.

  • Battalion Chief David Hall
  • Captain Chris Ouelette
  • Lieutenant Adam Ashwood
  • Lieutenant Jon Stern
  • Technician Kyle Ballinger
  • Technician J.D. Leary
  • Firefighter Vincent Harrison

This video features 911 dispatch and actual helmet camera footage from the rescue.

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This rescue showcasing the great work of Fairfax firefighters provides a real-life example of why you should Close Before You Doze.

“This video vividly shows how this simple step can make all the difference in surviving a fire,” said Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department’s Fire Chief, John S. Butler. “It reduces the temperature of the room, blocks deadly levels of carbon monoxide and gives valuable time for firefighters to arrive. Simply put, the ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach can have significant consequences, but a closed door and working smoke alarms can be easy and effective safeguards.”

For more resources to share during Fire Prevention Month, visit our first responders portal on closeyourdoor.org for promotional tools.