The Close Before You Doze Series: 360 Video

More information about the temperature and carbon monoxide measurements made 4 ft above the floor from the living room, hallway, open bedroom, and closed bedroom are included in the table. Below, use the floor plan of the structure to explore 360° video captured during the experiment!

Table 1: Peak Values Prior to Suppression @ 4 ft Above the Floor

Room Temperature (deg. F)

Carbon Monoxide (ppm)

Impact of Carbon Monoxide Inhalation*
Living Room 1400 N/A N/A
Hallway 750 10,000 Fatal within 1-3 minutes
Open Bedroom 500 6,000 Headache, dizziness and nausea within 1-2 minutes. Fatal within 10-15 minutes.
Closed Bedroom 100 600 Dizziness, nausea and convulsions within 45 minutes. Fatal within 2-3 hours.

*Source: Iowa State University - Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering

Explore 360° Videos

Click on the icon on the floor plan below to play the 360° video.

House Layout