Tactical Considerations Program
Tactical Considerations Web Series: Ep. 8 - Keep the Wind at Your Back

In Episode 8, check out UL FSRI’s Dan Madrzykowski as he explains why firefighters should keep the wind at their back:

When entering a structure or initiating fire attack, knowing the wind direction is a critical fireground factor. Winds greater than 5 mph will directly affect the rate at which the fire develops and potentially jeopardize the safety of the advancing crew(s).

Knowing whether the wind is at your back or if you are going against the wind is a key size-up factor. Entering into the wind is like fighting your way down a chimney. As the winds increase, the fire growth and speed of spread will increase, too.

Watch this additional video showing a computer simulation of a wind driven basement fire that resulted in a line of duty injury. This was developed at NIST, by authors currently employed at UL FSRI.