IFSC Webinar Series on Wildlife Fires
IFSC Wildland Fires Webinar Series

Increasing our understanding of wildfires and their influence on the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) is both a critical and complex task—particularly due to considerable variability in relevant scale and in needed expertise. The large scale of these problems and the increasing societal costs require coordinated expertise, public partnerships and concerted multidisciplinary research worldwide.

In the IFSC Wildland Fires Webinar Series, the International Fire Safety Consortium (IFSC) combines the expertise of fire scientists, fire safety engineers, fire ecologists, atmospheric scientists, risk engineers, and sociologists to produce a series of educational webinars focused on understanding and responding to the challenges presented by fires that occur in the Wildland-Urban Interface.

The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes is proud to host online the IFSC Wildland Fires Webinar Series in the Fire Safety Academy. Experts will discuss fire dynamics and fire behavior and provide additional resources related to the WUI, including:

  • The ways wildfires transition to the WUI
  • The impact of WUI fires on human, environmental and climate systems
  • The risk of wildfires on critical infrastructures and communities
  • The importance of community preparedness and response

Understanding these issues will result in better technical solutions, better policies, better practices to save lives and reduce damage and economic losses from wildfires and WUI fires.


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IFSC Wildland Fires Webinar Series

Week 1 | Lesson 1

Michael Gollner
University of California Berkeley

Week 4 | Lesson 1

Fire and Atmospheric Interactions
Mika Peace
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Week 6 | Lesson 1

Fuel Ignition 
Sara McAllister  
U.S. Forest Service  

Week 13 | Lesson 1

Mitigation Strategies
Stephen Quarles
University of California Berkeley

Week 13 | Lesson 2