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FSRI Expands Pioneering Online Learning Platform

January 24, 2024

Online learning management system upgraded with new functionality and user experience for firefighter students and training officers, transforming online learning.

January 24, 2024 (Columbia, Maryland) – The Fire Safety Research Insitute (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes is excited to announce a major update to the Fire Safety Academy (FSA), the online learning platform that provides firefighters with free access to science-based training.

The FSA 2.0 was developed in close partnership and collaboration with FSRI’s Training Advisory Committee (TAC) and offers innovative features designed to improve the user experience for firefighter students and training officers. Crafted to meet the specific needs and preferences of these users, the enhanced FSA comes with several notable benefits:

  • Seamless integration with other learning platforms: The FSA 2.0 is designed to integrate with other learning platforms, enabling learners to easily move between platforms and track their achievements in one central location.
  • Integration of National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards: The upgraded curriculum now highlights how the content is directly connected to NFPA standards, reinforcing the integration of industry-leading guidelines and best practices.
  • Certification program for custom learning pathways: Approved agencies and departments can now create custom learning pathways and certifications by bundling lessons together in the platform.
  • Blended learning to deliver training to groups of firefighters: The FSA 2.0 uniquely allows instructors to deliver content in person to groups of firefighters while still capturing results from individual learning assessments through the platform.
  • Robust training officer tools: Training officers can now efficiently manage personnel, track students’ achievements, view vital metrics, and compare their department’s performance against established benchmarks, all within the FSA 2.0.
  • Shorter, modular micro-lessons: Quick, bite-sized training modules allow learners to conveniently fit training content into their busy workdays. This flexibility ensures minimal disruption while maximizing knowledge retention and activation.
  • Integrated links for streamlined navigation: Users can now easily jump to specific content with a single click. This feature enhances the overall learning experience, making it more personalized and interactive.
  • Personalized search experience: Leveraging advanced algorithms, the FSA 2.0 delivers personalized content recommendations based on user roles and learning history. This intelligent search and discovery capability ensures that learners access the most relevant and engaging material.

“Upgrades to the FSA will significantly improve the educational journey for everyone who uses it—from the students learning about tactical considerations to the training officers planning and preparing curricula for their departments,” said Angela Bennett, FSRI Manager of Education and Training.

"It’s now faster and easier to prepare for [modern firefighting challenges] through the FSRI FSA 2.0. The platform still allows you to access training whenever you want, wherever you are. Now with the latest upgrades, content is easier to find, navigation is more efficient, and firefighters can complete most lessons in about five minutes," said Jesse Marcotte, TAC member and Training Chief, Northville Township Fire Department.

This is the first significant update to the FSA since it was originally launched in 2020. The FSA currently features over 30 science-based courses on topics including fire dynamics, firefighting tactics, and firefighter health. The FSA currently has more than 110,000 registered users, representing 25% of U.S. fire departments. Users have completed over 350,000 training courses. 

About Fire Safety Research Institute

As part of UL Research Institutes, FSRI strives to advance fire safety knowledge and strategies in order to create safer environments. Using advanced fire science, rigorous research, extensive outreach and education in collaboration with an international network of partners, the organization imparts stakeholders with knowledge, tools, and resources that enable them to make better, more fire safe decisions that ultimately save lives and property. To learn more, visit fsri.org. Follow the Fire Safety Research Institute on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.