Sean Gray

Captain, Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services

Sean Gray currently holds the rank of Captain with Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services in Metro Atlanta and has been in the fire service since 1993. He has a bachelor’s degree in Fire Safety Engineering and has attended the Naval Postgraduate School for Homeland Security. He has been a member of multiple technical panels involving fire safety research and is an appointed member of the UL Fire Safety Research Institute Advisory Board. Sean is a NFPA committee member for Fire Hose, Fire Service Training, Fundamentals of Fire Control Within a Structure Utilizing Fire Dynamics, Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props and Fire Service Health and Safety. He has co-authored a Fire Engineering Book and DVD titled- The Evolving FireGround. He has also been published in multiple Fire Service magazines, was a FDIC H.O.T. Lead instructor, runs the website, and delivers evidence-based tactics training courses across the U.S.

Sean Gray headshot