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FSRI Launches Vertical Ventilation and Suppression Online Training

August 28, 2013
FSRI is proud to announce the release of “Effectiveness of Fire Service Vertical Ventilation and Suppression Tactics in Single Family Homes” – an online course that serves as a culmination of the work performed under the 2010 Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program. The interactive training walks learners through the research approach, experimental setup, test results, and tactical considerations derived from the test results. This course supplements the project’s technical report through fire service commentary on the impact UL research has on firefighting tactics, interactive fire scenarios, video from all 17 full scale residential structure fires, and numerous photos.

“This training program presents the most up to date fire dynamics research in a way firefighters at all levels can comprehend. It is more interactive and flexible than ever providing a path through the course for a company drill or for the firefighter or instructors who want to dive into the material and form their own tactical considerations.”

— Steve Kerber, Vice President, Research and Director, FSRI

There are many features to the course. Three separate paths are available (abbreviated, complete, and instructor), ranging in duration from one hour to more than two hours. An overview of modern fire challenges facing the fire service provides a summary of factors impacting fire dynamics – increased fuel loads, large open spaces and lightweight construction. To enhance the educational experience, an introduction to the key concepts of heat release rate, flow paths, and stages of fire development is included. The twelve tactical considerations developed from the research results are illustrated to aid the fire service with integration into their education and fire ground tactics where applicable.

Students have the opportunity to use interactive models to develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of ventilation and water application on fire dynamics. Instructors are provided links to related research material to aid in tailoring the research results to specific fire service operations. Access the course by clicking the picture below. For mobile users, the course is compatible with iPad via the Articulate Media Player application in the App Store.

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Effectiveness Of Fire Service Vertical Ventilation And Suppression Tactics