Two firefighters in black firefighter gear standing in front of a house with fire coming out of the left window

Conduct Your Own Time-to-Task Drills: Search & Rescue

April 26, 2023

Technical members from the Analysis of Search and Rescue Tactics in Single-Story Single-Family Homes study conducted a series of time-to-task experiments designed to capture the speed at which firefighters performed a series of fireground actions. Using time-to-task worksheets designed by the panel members and FSRI researchers, the panel worked with their departments to complete the tasks laid out in the worksheets.

The time-to-task data generated from these exercises helped to scope both the experiments and analysis of the results. In particular, the 360 evolutions of drags and carries set the 25th and 75th percentile velocities (0.32 ft/s and 1.0 ft/s, respectively) used in the occupant removal analysis.

To maximize the value of the removal graphs in both the technical and tactical considerations reports, UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) created time-to-task worksheets. Departments can use these tools to conduct time-to-task drills and assess how times for individuals, crews, and/or departments compare to the collected data. The time-to-task sheets focus on three areas:

FSRI is collecting completed worksheets to continue improving the timing data set. Any timing data provided will not be identifiable and will only be shared in aggregate. Department specific data will not be identifiable. Instructions for how to share your results are on each worksheet.

*Mobile friendly versions of these worksheets will be available shortly.