Instructor Development Program

Partnering with the North American Fire Training Directors (NAFTD) to deliver a learning experience that enhances fire service instructors’ understanding of fire dynamics.
  • Overview

The Fire Safety Research Institutes (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes, is proud to partner with the North American Fire Training Directors (NAFTD) to deliver the Instructor Development Program. This immersive learning program is developed to enhance NAFTD member organizations’ fire instructors' understanding of fire dynamics—the science behind how fire grows, spreads, and behaves. 

Fire dynamics impacts nearly every tactical skill taught in the fire academy. It directly influences decision-making processes, firefighting strategies, and the effectiveness of various firefighting techniques. It is essential—and potentially life-saving—for instructors to have a solid understanding of how it relates to firefighters’ work on the fireground. By focusing on the science of fire dynamics, this learning experience addresses instructors’ critical need to maintain a comprehensive understanding of fire behavior and stay updated on the latest research-based strategies and tactics. 

Three-part program structure

The program, structured as a cohort-based learning experience, encompasses three key components:

  1. A series of online lessons for independent completion,
  2. Offline activities to enrich learning and encourage collaboration among cohort members, and
  3. Live webinar aimed at deepening understanding of the assigned content and facilitating discussions on best practices for application.

“We sought out FSRI as a partner in delivering this program to leverage their decades of experience in fire science research and fire service training. This new learning experience gives fire service instructors the rare opportunity to go back to the basics. It not only enables them to hone their expertise in fire dynamics but also lays the foundation of fire science for future generations of firefighters.” - Ken Willette, Executive Director of NAFTD

This instructor training program is only open to fire service instructors affiliated with and sponsored by a NAFTD member organization. The collaborative effort between FSRI and NAFTD underscores a commitment to equipping fire service instructors with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively prepare firefighters for the challenges they encounter on the fireground.

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Published: April 17, 2024