Close Before You Doze
Close Before You Doze

UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) and our Fire Safety Public Education Advisory Group (Becki White, Nick Ledin, PJ Norwood, John Shafer and Sean DeCrane) are proud to announce the launch of our Year 2 Close Your Door fire public safety campaign, Close Before You Doze.

While our Year 1 campaign focused on consumers directly, Close Before You Doze leverages the fire service to bring this important safety message to their communities. We’ve given them an entire suite of information and turnkey tools to help spread the word that a closed door stops the spread of fire. has been enhanced to include a new carousel on the homepage that includes an all new “slam” video  and an all-new testimonial video from fire service leaders urging their colleagues to help us promote this message.

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Clicking the “Fire Service” link in the top navigation takes users to the all-new Close Before You Doze fire service portal where the firefighters can access two toolboxes:

  • PR Toolbox contains a guide for working with the media, a customizable press release, pre-written social media posts, a bylined column that local fire service leaders can personalize and submit to newspapers for publication.
  • Through the Outreach Toolbox, fire departments can download or order flyers, door hangers, magnets and stickers to hand out at events or in classrooms.

Yesterday’s launch was the start of a campaign that will run through the end of the year at a minimum. Please watch the webpage and FSRI social channels to see and share all of the facets built into this campaign.  We currently have an offer for fire departments that we will cover the first $250 of materials they order from the portal. This is for the first 400 departments for a total of $100,000. Beyond this departments can print their own or order more at cost. 

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