Jason Floyd

Lead Research Engineer

Jason Floyd is a Lead Research Engineer with the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes. He holds a Master of Science and a doctorate in nuclear engineering from the University of Maryland. His research at the University of Maryland focused on the application of fire models to fires in nuclear reactor containment buildings. His graduate work was followed by post-doctoral research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that focused on underventilated compartment fire tests and the development of combustion, radiation, and droplet evaporation models for the NIST’s Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). Prior to joining FSRI, Jason performed consulting services including fire testing in support of codes and standards development, continued development of FDS, fire probabilistic risk assessment, performance-based fire protection design and support of Title 10 Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E).

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