Charley Fleischmann

Principal Research Engineer

Charley Fleischmann is a principal research engineer with FSRI. Charley has more 30 years of experience in fire engineering research and practice, much of it focused on fire modeling both experimentally and numerically with particular interest in compartment fire phenomena including backdraft and flashover. He is a Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineering and in 2011 he received the Arthur B. Guise Medal for eminent achievement in the advancement of the science and technology of fire protection engineering. Prior to joining the team, Charley was a professor at the University of Canterbury. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and fire protection engineering from the University of Maryland. He also holds a master’s degree in engineering and a Ph.D. in fire protection engineering from the University of California. He has more than 100 academic and professional publications and has presented many invited and keynote presentations around the world.

Charley Fleischmann principal research engineer headshot