Jamari Williams

Marketing Data Analytics Intern


Jamari is a marketing data analytics intern for the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), part of UL Research Institutes. He performs data visualization, creating dashboards for use both by the Research Amplification and Research teams. These dashboards will be used to better understand how people learn about FSRI, what people are searching for when it relates to fire safety, and where the Research Amplification team can focus their efforts to amplify FSRI’s research. He attends Towson University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems with a track in data analytics. 


Prior to joining FSRI, Jamari worked as an intern for Northwest Federal Credit Union as a data analytics intern. He worked with the Data Analytics and Operations team, performing member data analysis and helped the Data Development team perform Salesforce analysis. At Towson, he is involved in research under Dr. McGuire for Baltimore Data Science Corps using Baltimore Open Data database to analyze different datasets, datasets that include 311 service call data and Naloxone distribution data in relation to opioid overdoses. As he transitions to his professional career, his interests are to help organizations and companies use data.


Marketing Data Analytics Intern Jamari Williams